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You mean it's not supposed to literally be a defense of your thesis? So if someone from my department asked me about common mistakes they should avoid, I'd tell them not to worry about it: It seems hard to cover any one of the areas in a short presentation while all 3 seem possible in the full text. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone do anything worth calling a mistake.

She said to the questioner, "Perhaps a sketch will help make this clear," and attempted to draw some coordinate axes These previous posts were mostly written from my point of view, and tied very closely to my personal experience during the preparation for my defense and the Big Day itself. I don't know the details it was some years ago, and I wasn't directly involved.

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Could you please make that explicit? Eat well And now for the Granny Eva advice: As StevenGubkin says, the point of the defense is for the committee to understand what you did. Most likely, all your friends and family will be coming out to see the event and then celebrate with you - so except for big birthday bashes and weddings, you don't often get the chance to get all your loved ones together. Doctoral thesis defense nervous Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I've seen it happen. Now for the common mistakes: The student was reluctant to cancel the defense, and he worked like crazy to try to fix the mistake before the defense, but he didn't succeed and didn't pass. Doctoral thesis defense nervous However, he passed on his second try, after spending a few months fixing everything.

That can happen I know of one case in which a serious mistake was uncovered at the last minute, which was certainly embarrassing to both the candidate and the committee , but I've never actually been present when someone failed. I was pretty nervous, but in the end it was more of a stimulating discussion than anything else. Doctoral thesis defense nervous Your mastery of the subject will become apparent throughout the defense and the questions. For a PhD candidate that has done a fine job in their PhD, what are the common mistakes to avoid in a defense session?

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There are in reality only 3 things: Don't create curved lines if you are missing dots. If I may be forgiven a small anecdote:

Here is my list of ten tips for the defense, regardless of your field. Newer Post Older Post Home. essay writing uk Trust yourself Come on, you've come so far as to actually defend your thesis, and by now you are the big expert in your tiny field of expertise. In the weeks following my PhD defense and graduation, I wrote about how I prepared for my PhD defense and about my experience during the defense itself.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. So if someone from my department asked me about common mistakes they should avoid, I'd tell them not to worry about it: Your mastery of the subject will become apparent throughout the defense and the questions.

Anonymous Mathematician k 15 Post as a guest Name. Here, the defense is basically a formality: As well as cases where a student forced the issue because they had a job lined up and requested the defense even though the adviser was not convinced it was time yet. Doctoral thesis defense nervous Can you answer the question:

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